How we cook on coals

There’s nothing more joyful for a restaurant than to receive words of compliment from customers.

Simply 33 Family is famous for its retro style, and Simply 33 Pizza & Grill House is known for cooking food only on wooden coals by our ancestors’ receipts.

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How we cook tasty pizzas

To make sure our pizzas taste like no other, we cook them in a brick oven with only wooden coals as it was first cooked in Italy in late 18th century.

For a wider range of choice, we cook pizzas by traditions of different cultures.


How we cook burgers on fire

Our burgers taste as it was originally prepared in the 19th century. So we cook them exceptionally on open fire with 100% beef meat.

Beside fresh beef meat, we also offer chicken and veggie "BEYOND MEAT" burgers.


How is grill prepared

We offer different cultural grill specialties starting from meat, veggies to dough, the quality of which is proven for ages by food lovers 😉

Our menu includes world known dishes like Barbeque, Khachapuri and Quesadillas.

Fast Delivery

We know how it feels to be hungry so we offer one of the fastest deliveries in town.
From 30 minutes

Healthy Food

We use only fresh & healthy ingredients, and we always do our best to satisfy your expectations.
100% Beef, no pork

Wooden Coals

Our meals are cook only on wooden coals by our ancestors' recipes, as it was done in old times.
Very delicious

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